Mark a summative assessment

Allocate a marker to a group

To allocate a marker to a specific group, there are a few steps that need to be followed. Steps 1 - 6 are only relevant for the first time you allocate markers for an assignment.

Visible groups in Assignment Settings

  1. Turn editing on. turn editing on
  2. Click on the 'Assignments' option from the drop down in the 'This course' menu.
    assignments_drop down

    Click on the title of the assignment where it is deployed in your course.
    Assignment access through course

  3. Click 'Edit settings' for the assignment that you want to allocate markers too. BTN_edit settings.
  4. Enable marking allocation under the 'Grade' area of the assignment settings.
    settings_marking allocation.jpg

  5. Select Visible Groups for the Group mode setting. This is located under 'Common module settings' area of the assignment settings.
    settings_common module settings_visible groups.jpg

  6. Click Save and display. Save and display

    Bulk Marker Allocation

  7. Click the View all submissions option, this will take you to the assignment grading table.
    View all submissions

  8. The groups will now be displayed at the top of the submission page. Select the group that you want to assign a marker to from the drop down.
    filter_visible groups.jpg

  9. Click the check box immediately under Select to select all students
    Grading_select all

  10. Now with all students selected, choose 'Set allocated marker' from the 'With selected...' drop down in the top right-hand side of the submission page. number 1 grey
  11. Click Go. number 2 grey
    set allocated marker.jpg

  12. This popup might vary somewhat between browsers. Click OK to proceed.
    marking allocation_popup.jpg

  13. Select the marker that you want to assign to this group from the 'Allocated Marker' drop down.
    Set allocated marker_marker options.jpg

  14. Click Save changes. save changes
  15. Repeat Steps 7 - 13 as required for assigning a marker to the remaining groups.