Virtual Classroom

Adding a Virtual Classroom

Turn editing on

  1. Select Turn editing on

The page will refresh.

Add an activity or resource

  1. Select Add an activity or resource 

Select Virtual Classroom

  1. Select Virtual classroom
  2. Select Add

Virtual Classroom Settings

  1. Enter a name for your virtual classroom in Meeting title.  Recommendations for the format of this is a meaningful title, course code, study period and year.
  2. Enter an introduction about the virtual classroom in Intro.
  3. Leave Meeting URL blank. This will be created for you.
  4. Select the Meeting type. The default Public is standard as only enrolled students can see the link on your Course site.
  5. Select the required Meeting Template if required.  The default is the standard template.
  6. Select the Start time.
  7. Select the End time. If the virtual classroom is to remain open for the entire study period, the End time should be set to the date of the last teaching week.
  8. Select if you wish to define common module settings
  9. Select if you wish to restrict access.
  10. Select if you wish to track activity completion of the Virtual Classroom.
  11. Select if you wish to add tags to the Virtual Classroom.
  12. Select Save and return to course.