Virtual Classroom Update

Lost access as a Host

This depends on where the VCR was made:

  1. Through the course site:
    • You need to ensure you click on the Join Meeting button - do not click on the URL.
      NOTE: if you are previously taken through as a participant, ensure you close all your browsers and VCR sessions down before start again and trying the above. If you continue to have issue please call the learnOnline Help Desk 83020900.

  2. Through the server - To restore your access to a virtual classroom in which you should be a Host, follow these steps before starting the virtual classroom.
    1. Go to the staff portal:
    2. Hover mouse over Online Tools menu in the top right hand corner
    3. Click on last option in the menu Assign Adobe Connect Access
    4. The system will ask you to log in if you haven’t already logged into the staff portal
    5. When you see the following green writing you are free to enter your VCR as a host:
      Your account has been successfully granted Host rights to Virtual Classroom.