Getting Started

Update Profile

  1. Select Edit profile.

Some settings are system controlled and others can be changed by the user. 

  1. Select the desired setting for who can see your email address.
  2. Enter the name of the suburb in which you live.
  3. Enter the country in which you live.  This defaults to the country in your address.

Email view options

  1. The default option for the email display is to 'Allow other course members to see the my email address".  You can choose to hide your email from anyone or to make it visible to everyone.

Profile Description

  1. You can choose to add a description of yourself to your profile.  For example, sharing the course you are studying.

Profile picture

  1. Your current profile picture will be displayed.
  2. Upload an image file to be used as your profile picture.  

Additional Names

  1. Enter your first name as it sounds / phonetically.
  2. Enter your surname as it sounds / phonetically.  
  3. Enter your middle name.
  4. Enter an alternate name / the name you prefer to be called.

Profile Interests and Optional information

  1. Enter one or more interests.  These will act as "tags" for keyword searches.
  2. Enter other contact information such as a website name, ICQ number, Skype identifier or alternative email address.  

Select Save at the bottom of the web page to save any changes made to your profile details.