Getting Started

Course site Structure

The course site provides access to the resources and activities required for your studies.

Course site structure

The course home page consists of

  1. A welcome giving an outline of the course and any important information. This may incorporate a video or links to other resources.
  2. The section content will contain textual information and may include links to files, video, graphics, activities / assessments. 
  3. Blocks which allow the display of lists of items or other information related to the course.  
    • These can be hidden or docked to give more room on the page.  
    • If using mobile technology or have a minimised display, the blocks display at the bottom of the website contents.

Block icons

  1. Select to hide the block so that only the heading is visible.
  2. Select to move the block to the side margin.  


Layout of courses may vary between tab and grid, but the basic elements remain the same.

Tab Format

Tab format course website

  1. Available tabs
  2. Content related to the current week, topic or other information.  

Grid Format

Grid format course website

  1. Section Headings
  2. Navigation to previous / next section
  3. Content related to the current week, topic or other information