Mark a summative assessment

Mark assignment and return feedback

Marking a group assignment

Note: When grading the assignment you will have the option to apply the same mark to all group members or to apply different marks to individual group members.

Select student/group to grade

Select a group member to grade.

The Grading page is displayed.

Enter grading details

  1. Enter a grade
  2. Set the marking workflow state (optional)
  3. Enter any extra feedback comments
  4. Upload the feedback file (drag and drop can be used)
  5. Choose whether to apply the grade and feedback to the entire group.
    Note: If Yes is selected, all students in that group will receive the same mark and have access to the same feedback comment/file.
  6. Scroll to the end of the page and select Save changes.

The grading table will display showing the grade for the student(s).

grading table showing marks for all students in group

Select a student from the next group and repeat the steps above.