Assessment Overview

Summative assessments are those included in the Course Outline and are used to determine students final grade for the course, a formative assessment does not (learnonline name these 'Activity'). 

If you copy a course site over you will need to either Recycle or Create summative assessments. Summative assessment grades will flow through to Result Entry - Formative will not. 

Students will only ever see their Grade (eg HD, D, C, P1, P2 or F) for a summative assessment, except for Quiz where they see their mark. If the system asks you if you want students to see Mark and/or Grade this is a formative assessment.

The following are the only activities you can use as a summative assessment:

  • Assignment
  • Database
  • Quiz
  • Forum
    Note: Other activities we recommend you set as Formative and then return the student grades in a summative offline assignment.

The Assessment Policies and Procedures Manual prescribes the assessment policies and procedures which apply to the majority of courses offered at UniSA if you require further information.

Course Outline

You cannot add summative assessments in learnonline until your Course Outline is published. Your Course Outline contains an overview of your course, including the type, weight and due dates of your summative assessment. Once your Course Outline is published, the information on the summative assessment flows through to learnonline, allowing you to create the assessment there with consistent information across systems. 

Accessing Assessment

You can access your summative assessment in learnonline two ways. You can either deploy your assessment somewhere in your course, and then access them from where they are deployed.

Summative assessments have been setup correctly if:

    • there are brackets after the name
    • what is in the brackets is also mentioned in bold below

assessment overview_deployed in course.jpg

OR you can access all the assignments and activities that you've created in your course by selecting 'Assignments' from the drop down menu at the top of your course:

top navigation bar_assignments.jpg

When you've created your assignments, navigating to one of them will provide you a snapshot of the Grading summary which is a useful way to see an overview of your assignment settings:

grading summary

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