Marking Guide

  1. Click the Turn editing on buttonturn editing on
  2. Navigate to the assessment you want to mark.
  3. Click the View all submissions button. view all submissions
  4. Click the Grade button next to the student you are marking for. BTN_grade
  5. Enter any comments you want to send the student regarding the specific criterion. number 1 grey
    • Note: If the coordinator has saved frequently used comments, click on this option to view the list and add them. number 2 grey
  6. Enter the score for the criterion. number 3 grey
    marking guide.jpg

  7. Repeat steps 5. and 6. for all criterion.
  8. Set the Marking workflow state as required. 
    marking workflow state_marking guide

  9. Enter any feedback comments regarding the entire assignment as a whole.
  10. Select to Save changes to return to the submission page or Save and show next to continue marking subsequent submissions.
    save changes, save and show next

NoteYou will not progress if there are some criterion missing mark allocations.

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