Release Grades to All Students

Note: Only Course Coordinators can release grades.

Make sure that your markers have changed the marking workflow state for the assignments they have marked to 'Marking Completed', this then allows you to filter by this workflow state.

  1. Select your assignment from the course homepage.
  2. Click the View all submissions button.
    View all submissions

  3. Click on the Filters and Quick Grading tab. number 1 grey
  4. Select 'All' from the Assignments per page drop down. This will refresh your page immediately, with all the assignments displayed.
    Filter and Grading_select all

  5. Click the checkbox immediately under the Select column to select all students.
    Grading_select all

  6. Now with all students selected, select the 'Set marking workflow state' from the With selected... drop down. number 1 grey
  7. Click the Go button.
    set marking workflow

  8. This popup might vary somewhat between browsers. Click OK.
    Set marking workflow state_popup

  9.  Select 'Released' from the Marking workflow state drop down.
    Set marking workflow state_released

  10. You can choose to notify students of the release of grades if you want. The notify students option appears at the bottom of your list of students.
    Set marking workflow state_notify students

  11. Click the Save Changes button.
    Set marking workflow state_save changes

Last modified: Friday, 3 January 2020, 8:21 AM