Bulk Marking Workflow Change

Marking workflow can be used to indicate your progress on marking to other markers or the course coordinator, if "released" is selected, this means the students will gain access to their grade. You can also update the marking workflow state individually as you mark each student's submission.

  1. Select the assignment you want to change the marking workflow for.
  2. Select the students who you want to change the marking workflow state for.
  3. Select 'Set marking workflow state' from the With selected... drop down.
  4. Click the Go button. go button
    set marking workflow state

  5. This popup might vary somewhat between browsers. Click OK.
    marking workflow second check

  6. Select the Marking workflow state required. number 1 grey
  7. Click Save changesnumber 2 grey
    marking workflow state_save changes

Last modified: Tuesday, 10 December 2019, 4:14 PM