Marking Overview

The below page is an overview of the grading page you access when you view all the submissions of an assignment:

  • The Grading action drop down allows you to perform a number of tasks including downloading all the submissions and the grading worksheet. number 1 grey
  • Filters and Grading allows you to filter by certain criteria and to enable quick grading. Quick grading allows you to mark directly at this level. number 2 grey
  • The Assignments drop down allows you to switch to the same view for an alternate assignment. number 3 grey
  • This drop down allows you to filter the view for a specific cohort. number 4 grey
  • The With Selected drop down allows you to make grading changes for a specific number of students by selecting them and then choosing the action from the list. number 5 grey
  • The Status column contains the current status of each student's submission. When quick grading is enabled, you have the option to edit the status at this level. number 6 grey
  • The Grade button enables you to grade each student. When quick grading is enabled, you have the option to grade at this level rather than clicking into the Grade area. number 7 grey

assessment overview

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