Results Entry

Academic staff are responsible for the entry and approval of final marks and grades. The Result Entry web application can be accessed via the Grade report in learnonline by clicking on the Proceed to Result Entry button.

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For further information, please visit the Student and Academic Services Results Entry page.

Just a reminder...

The learnonline gradebook is part of the Moodle software that learnonline is based on. If you create an assessment in learnonline, it provides you with an area called gradebook where students can upload assessments and you can provide grades and feedback. The learnonline gradebook allows students to access their grades/feedback for each individual assessment, but not their final course grade.

Results entry is a web interface of the Medici system. Medici is where students can enroll in a course and also obtain their final grades. Results entry interacts with learnonline and automatically copies across any grades for assessments that have been entered there. Results entry is also where you can edit a final grade for a student, and where you can ‘Approve’ students final course grades at the end of the Study period.

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