Course Outline Assessment

It is recommended you check the following Review-only sections:

  • Assessment Details
  • Use of Recorded Materials
  • Negotiated Assessment Methods
  • Additional Exam Information
  • Invigilated Online Exams - Additional Information
  • Important Information about all Assessments
  • Students with Disabilities or Medical Conditions
  • Variations to Assessment Tasks
  • Marking Process
  • Academic Integrity
  • Further Assessment Information
  • Unplanned learnonline Outage

The Assessment Summary section is more complex, so editing options are provided below.

The Assessment Summary appears second from the top in the Assessment section of the navigation menu. Once selected, the Assessment Summary window will open displaying the assessment items. 

CO_navigation_assessment summary

You can modify the order of the assessment items by clicking the down or up arrow icons on the far right of the assessment. Once the assessment items are in the correct order you are ready to begin entering assessment item information.

CO_assessment summary_move

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