Assessment Settings - Availability

  • Students will not be able to submit before this date. This will not affect their ability to enter the activity link and view the description. number 1 grey
  • This is when the assignment is due. Submissions will still be allowed after this date, but any assignments submitted after this date will be marked as late. Summative assessment due dates cannot be changed as they are set by the information in the Course Outline. number 2 grey
  • If enabled, the assignment will not accept submissions after this date without an extension. number 3 grey
  • If enabled, this is the expected date that marking of the submissions should be completed by. number 4 grey
  • Ticking this option means that the students will be able to see the activity description, even when the assignment is not yet open for submissionnumber 5 grey

Assignment settings-Availability

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Last modified: Thursday, 2 January 2020, 1:40 PM