Assessment Settings - Submission Types

  • The Submission types option allows you to choose what form the assignment should be in. The four options are a video submission through UniSA Media Library, a file submission, a Mahara ePortfolio or direct text entered online by the students. number 1 grey
    • Note: If the students complete a manual or in-class submission, then none of these options should be ticked.
  • The Maximum number of upload files option limits each students upload up to this number of files for their submission. The default is one file. number 2 grey
  • The Maximum submission size option limits the file size that each student can upload. The default size is 100MB. number 3 grey 
  • The Accepted file types option allows you to restrict the type of file each student can upload by entering a file extension or clicking the Choose button to select from a list of file extensions. If the text box is left empty, then all file types are allowed and this is the default setting. number 4 grey
  • The Site option is only applicable if you have checked the Mahara ePortfolio box in the Submission typesnumber 5 grey
  • The Word limit option is only applicable if the Online text submission type is selected and it caps the number of words that each student can submit. number 6 grey

Assignment settings-Submission types

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Last modified: Tuesday, 16 June 2020, 3:19 PM