Assessment Settings - Feedback Types

The Feedback types section allows you to choose how you would like to provide feedback to your students with. There are six types of feedback:

  • If enabled, Feedback comments enables the marker to leave comments for each student submission online. number 1 grey
  • If enabled, the Feedback files option allows the marker to upload files with feedback. These files can include manually marked student submissions, documents with comments or spoken audio feedback. number 2 grey
  • The Manual submissions option means students submit their assignments in person, and are then provided electronic feedback. number 3 grey
  • If the Offline grading worksheet is chosen, a grading worksheet in the form of a spreadsheet, can be downloaded to assist with marking. number 4 grey
  • The Zero marks option allows the marker to apply zero marks to a student for this assessment. An example use case for this might be if a student has only completed two of three summative assessment pieces for a course, a zero will need to be applied to the assessment where they did not complete the work. In this example, if this is not done the system will split the student's overall mark between the two assessments rather than three, skewing the student's grade. number 5 grey
  • If enabled, the Comment inline option will convert the submission text into a comment field during grading, making it easier for a marker to comment inline or to edit the original text. number 6 grey

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