Assessment Settings - Common Module Settings


There are three options you can choose from for assessment availability: number 1 grey

    • Show on course page: the assessment is available to students.
    • Hide from students: the assessment is not available to students.
    • Make available but not shown on course page: a link to the assessment must be provided from elsewhere, such as from a page resource, it would still be listed in the gradebook.

ID number

This is not a required field however setting an ID number provides a way of identifying the assessment for purposes such as grade calculation or custom reporting. number 2 grey

Group mode

This setting has three options you can select for groups: number 3 grey

    • No groups
    • Separate groups - Each group member can only see their own group, others are invisible
    • Visible groups - Each group member works in their own group, but can also see other groups

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