Assessment Settings - Activity Completion

There are three options that are available in Activity completion that determine the requirements for this assessment to be marked complete.  number 1 grey

The options are:

    1. Do not indicate activity completion: this means this assessment will not be included in the list of activities students need to mark as complete. 
    2. Students can manually mark the activity as completed: this means the students can manually mark this assessment complete at any time. 
    3. Show activity as complete when conditions are met: this option enables the requirements beneath to be used. Multiple conditions may be set if you want. If so, the assessment will only be considered complete when ALL conditions are met.

There are three conditions that can be enabled to automatically track student completion of this assessment. If you select more than one condition, the assessment will only be considered complete for the student when all are met. number 2 grey

This setting specifies the date when the assessment is expected to be completed. number 3 grey

assignment settings_activity completion

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Last modified: Thursday, 2 January 2020, 12:41 PM