Editing a Workflow

When you edit a workflow, you will have a number of options:


  • The data section is where all data is housed for this workflow.
  • The data that is already here is called Matrix Data and is the information. sourced directly from your learnonline course.
  • Data can be added to this section through a CSV file upload.


  • The Functions contain the matrix data from your learnonline course, displayed as a spreadsheet.
  • In this section and the Data section you can access the Activity Look Up to see the OnTask activity title equated with the learnonline activity title. 
  • You can add Custom Attributes here.


  • The messages section is where you create the tailored messages for your students.
  • The messages section acts as a repository for all the messages you have created for this workflow.


  • The summary section is a history of all student communications you’ve had through OnTask for this workflow.


                        On task left menu bar

Last modified: Monday, 21 September 2020, 12:05 PM