Activity Look Up

This is the key used to show the OnTask activity alias for the learnonline activity titles. It is located by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol in the top right-hand corner on the Data and Matrix pages.


A condition is a data entry that when evaluated will either be true or false.

Custom Attributes

A Custom Attribute is a dictionary of pairs (name, value) so that when a name appears in a personalized text, it is replaced by the value. The attributes are synonyms that you may want to use in more than one rule.

Data table

A data table is a collection of data that is either automatically sourced directly from learnonline (the matrix data table) or manually uploaded via a csv upload into OnTask, it is equivalent to a spreadsheet.


Part of the rule and used to decide which learners will be selected and sent a message. Without a filter, all students will be selected, the filter allows a specific subset to be selected and contacted.

Matrix table

This functionality is to show the values stored in the data table, it is equivalent to a spreadsheet.

Personalised action

A text with elements that are selected and adapted to each learner based on a set of basic rules that depend on the student features stored in the data table.


A source that brings together the data table, the operations to upload the data, and the rules needed to create the personalized content.


Utilising conditional data, the rule forms the requirements that go into your tailored student message. You can have multiple rules per workflow.

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