View - Grade History

Once you have navigated to the Grader report, you can choose to view the Grade history, which allows you to look at earlier versions of the Grade report. There are various filters you can place on the history report depending on your requirements. If you don't select any filtering before running the report, all grade changes will be shown.

Grade History Options:

  • The Select users option allows you to filter for changes made to a specific student(s) grades. number 1 grey
  • The Grade item option allows you to filter for grade changes to a specific assessment piece. number 2 grey
  • The Grader option allows you to filter for grade changes made by specific graders/markers. number 3 grey
  • This option allows you to select a specific date range for the Grade history report. number 4 grey
  • This option, if checked, will only display the grades which have been revised. number 5 grey
  • Click the Submit button when you have filtered the history report how you want. The report will appear below the Submit button but it can also be downloaded. number 6 grey
    Grader report_grade history

Last modified: Tuesday, 10 December 2019, 4:17 PM