Accessing your Course

  1.  Access the University of South Australia homepage at
  2. Click Login from the UniSA homepage.
    Accessing your course - login

  3. Select Staff, this will open myUniSA.
    Accessing your course - staff login

  4. Click Teaching from the top level menu.
    Accessing your course - Teaching Portal

  5. If you are not logged in already, you will be prompted to enter your staff username and password by the browser. 
    This will open the Teaching Portal, from here you can navigate to the courses you are teaching.
  6. my Courses are the courses you have been assigned to. If nothing displays here you may not have been given appropriate access. You can search for the course using the Course Code or Name.
  7. Select a course offering you want to view from your my Courses list. 
    Alternatively, you can click on the Courses tab to view a more detailed list of courses. 
    The My Favourites list can be added to or edited from this page so you can put your current courses within easy access.
  8. The Course page in the Teaching Portal will have a Task List on the right-hand side which will provide you with more information:
    • Click the link to view or create the Course Outline. number 1 grey
    • Click the link to access the learnonline site for the course. number 2 grey
    • Click the link to access Result Entry (if available, permission given through Medici). number 3 grey 
    • Click to access the myCourseExperience evaluations. number 4 grey
    • Navigate to alternative offerings of the course in the current or previous study periods. number 5 grey
      Teaching Portal - Initial dashboard - task list

Last modified: Thursday, 5 December 2019, 10:20 AM