Basic Course Navigation

Breadcrumbs appear along the top of any course page to return you to earlier pages in your course. Clicking the text will navigate you back to that page:

Course navigation_breadcrumbs

The Course Essentials block is found on the sides of all courses, this contains useful links for yourself and students to quickly access throughout the duration of the course.

Other blocks can be also added to your course, such as a Calendar block. 

course essentials block

In the top right-hand corner of your screen, you can see:

  • An arrow which allows you to jump to the bottom of the page (useful for when editing is turned on) number 1 grey
  • A shortcut to the learnonline Help Resources number 2 grey
  • A summary of your personal notifications number 3 grey
  • A summary of your direct messages number 4 grey
  • The options you have to view and edit for yourself personally number 5 grey
    LO navigation basics.jpg

In order to begin editing in any course that you have access to edit, click the Turn editing on button:

Lo navigation_turn editing on

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