Auto-create Groups

You can automatically generate groups that randomly enrol students from the default groups in your course. 

  1. To manually create these groups, locate the ADMINISTRATION block on your course homepage and select the 'Users' link. number 1 grey
  2. Click the 'Groups' link. number 2 grey
    Administration block_groups

  3. Click the Auto-create groups button under the Groups in your course.
    auto create groups

  4. Auto-create groups - General

    • Allocate a naming schema for the groups you are about to generate. number 1 grey
      Note: Use the at symbol (@) or hash (#) symbol to differentiate the groups. For example Tutorial Group @ will generate groups named Tutorial Group A, Tutorial Group B etc.
    • Choose how you want the groups to be generated, either by a specific number of groups, or by a specific number of members for the groups. number 2 grey
    • State how many groups you want made or members you want in a group based on your response to the previous setting. number 3 grey
      auto create groups_general settings

  5. Auto-create groups - Group Members

    • Select what role you want the group members to have, in a teaching course, this will generally be 'Student' and is the default selection. number 1 grey
    • Choose the group members to be selected from a specific grouping or existing group. number 2 grey
    • Select to Allocate Members either randomly, based on their name or based on their ID. number 3 grey
    • If you have chosen to generate groups based on a certain number of members per group, you can Prevent a last small groupnumber 4 grey
    • This checkbox will not include students who are already in a group, this is not relevant as everyone is allocated a default group. number 5 grey
    • The Include only active enrolments is enabled by default which means suspended students will not be included in the groups. number 6 grey
      auto create groups_group members

  6. Auto-create groups - Grouping

    • Choose what grouping you want the auto-created groups to be in. You can choose; no grouping, new grouping or existing groupings. number 1 grey
      If you create a new grouping, name it here.number 2 grey
      auto create groups_grouping

  7. Choose to preview the groups by clicking the Preview button, This will display them below the existing page:

    auto create groups_preview

  8. You can keep editing if you're not satisfied with the groups generated but when you are, click the Submit button. Button_submit

    The groups will now be automatically generated, with the specifications you wanted. You will be taken back to the Groups page and the new groups will appear in the list of existing groups.

Last modified: Thursday, 12 December 2019, 11:41 AM