Create a Grouping

  1. To manually create a grouping, locate the ADMINISTRATION block on your course homepage and select the 'Users' link. number 1 grey
  2. Click the 'Groups' link. number 2 grey
    Administration block_groups.

  3. Click on the Groupings tab.
    groups_groupings tab

  4. Click on Create grouping, this button will appear under the current groupings.
    create grouping

  5. Creating Grouping - General

    • Name the grouping. number 1 grey
    • Provide a description if needed. number 2 grey
    • Click the Save changes button. number 3 grey
      The page will return to the Grouping tab with your new grouping displayed in alphabetical order.
      create grouping_general settings

Last modified: Wednesday, 11 December 2019, 3:09 PM