Access Dashboard

  1. Access the University of South Australia homepage at
  2. Click LOGIN from the UniSA homepage.
    Accessing your course_1

  3. Select Staffthis will open myUniSA.

  4. Click Teaching from the top level menu.
    Accessing teaching dashboard

  5. Select the required course.
    Note: Course Coordinators will be presented with the list of courses they are responsible for.
    Teaching_find course

  6. If the required course isn't displayed, enter the course name or code and click SEARCH.
    teaching_search for course

  7. The Teaching Dashboard will display with a selection of widgets displaying various aspects of student engagement.

    • Click View Report to access a detailed report of the information in this widget. number 1 grey
    • Select Analytics to view the full range of reports available on the Analytics Dashboard. number 2 grey
      Teaching_dashboard overview

Last modified: Friday, 29 November 2019, 10:04 AM