Assessment Phase - Allocating Submissions

Click on Allocate submissions to access the allocations page.
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There are three options for allocating students as reviewers and reviewees. They are:

Workshop_allocation options.jpg

Manual Allocation

For each student, select who will review the particular student's submission and select whose submission this particular student will review.

Manual Allocation

The screen will refresh to show the additions and a success message is displayed.

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Random allocation

workshop_random allocation.jpg

Scheduled allocation

The Scheduled allocation method will automatically allocate submissions for the assessment at the end of the submission phase as defined in the workshop setting Availability settings - submissions deadline

Note: Manually switching to the assessment phase will not trigger this process, only the deadline will. If you wish to move to the assessment phase earlier, you will need to use the Random allocation method.

      1. Select the Scheduled allocation tab.
      2. Tick the Enable scheduled allocation check box.
        Current Status -  Note: This section is collapsed by default.
      3. Displays the current scheduled allocation status. 
        Allocation settings - Note: This section is collapsed by default. 
      4. Select the number of reviews and whether this is per submission or per reviewer, i.e. each reviewer assesses 5 submissions OR each submission has 5 reviewers.
      5. If you already have some students allocated, tick this check box to remove them.
      6. Decide if students can assess submissions without first having submitted their work.
      7. Click Save changes.

The screen will refresh and display a confirmation message.

The Current status section will now display the date and time of the allocation execution.

workshop_scheduled allocation.jpg

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