Review-only Sections

Review-only sections of the Course Outline are populated from the Program and Course Management System (PCMS). It is recommended you review these sections. Please contact your School administrative staff to have incorrect data changed in PCMS. Data which is populated from PCMS cannot be changed in Course Outline.

Some review-only sections require selecting an option or confirming. For example:

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Click the checkbox if you want to include this section in your Course Outline. In some instances, a text box will display allowing you to include additional information. number 1 grey

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Review-only sections


    • Additional Contact details

Course Overview

    • Prerequisites
    • Corequisites
    • Course Aim
    • Course Objectives
    • Graduate Qualities
    • Course Content
    • Teaching and Learning Arrangements
    • Unit Value
    • Additional Assessment Requirements
    • Placement Information
    • OHS&W
    • Further Course Information

Learning Resources

    • Textbook(s)
    • References
    • learnonline Course Site
    • myUniSA
    • Materials Dispatch


    • Assessment Details
    • Use of Recorded Materials
    • Negotiated Assessment Methods
    • Additional Exam Information
    • Invigilated Online Exams - Additional Information
    • Important Information about all Assessments
    • Students with Disabilities or Medical Conditions
    • Variations to Assessment Tasks
    • Marking Process
    • Academic Integrity
    • Further Assessment Information
    • Unplanned learnonline Outage


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