The Course Outline will open the Introduction folder and display the Welcome section. 

Note: Remember to click Save after editing each section of the Course Outline.

CO_save as.jpg


This is where you enter the text welcoming students to the course.


Course Teaching Staff

  1. Click the checkbox/es for teaching staff to Include In Course Outlinenumber 1 grey
  2. Click the checkbox for the staff member Preferred to list at the top of the section. number 2 grey
  3. Select the role of the teaching staff from the drop down. number 3 grey
    Note: The roles of Teaching Staff must match staff members contracts.
    CO_course teaching staff.jpg

School Contact Details

Click the required checkbox/es for the contact details of the School you want to include in the Course Outline.

Note: Course Outline uses data in OCAM (Org Contact and Address Maintenance) System. This database must be updated if School details are incorrect.

CO_intro_school contact details.jpg

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