Assessment Summary

To navigate to the editing section for the Assessment Summary, click the edit icon BTN_CO_edit for the first assessment item:

CO_assessment summary_EDIT

Step 1

This step allows you to split the assessment into smaller components. 

If you don't want to split your assessment further:

  1. Click No for sub-activities.
  2. Click the Step 2 > button.

CO_assessment summary_step1.jpg

Step 2

  1. Under Activity name, type the activity into the field. number 1 grey
  2. Select the Due Date from the calendar tool, OR, select Other and type into field. number 2 grey
  3. Type Time Due into field. number 3 grey
  4. Click the Submit via checkbox, ORclick the Other checkbox and type a description into the field. number 4 grey
  5. Click the Step 3 > button to save and navigate to the next page. BTN_CO_step2.jpg
    CO_assessment summary_step2

Step 3

Step 3 contains a text editor for you to complete an assessment description.

Once you've finished the description, click the Step 4 > button to save and navigate to the final step. step 4

CO_assessment summary_step3

Step 4

This step contains pre-filled information about the feedback proforma for the course. Click Save. This will then take you back to the Assessment Summary page where you can follow the same steps for your other assessment items. 

CO_assessment summary_step4.jpg

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