Course Calendar

The final section of the Course Outline is the Calendar. This section uses a multi-step process to create a course calendar. If you have copied your Course Outline from another course, you will get the option to edit the existing calendar or start again. 

  1. Access Course Outline.
  2. Click on 'Course Calendar table' from the Course Calendar section.

  3. Select to edit the existing calendar OR start again. If it is a new Course Outline, there will be a start button only.
    CO_calendar_edit or start over

Step 1

  1. Click Yes where your teaching weeks coincide exactly with formal study period weeks OR click No to enter an alternative teaching period. 
    Note: The below steps are where your teaching weeks coincide exactly with the formal study period.

  2. If you require an extra week at the beginning or end of the of the study period, you can identify that in this step by selecting the relevant option.
    CO_calendar_step1_add week

  3. Click the Step 2 > button to proceed. 

Step 2

  1. Select the week that your teaching will start by clicking the button to the left of the week:

  2. Click the Step 3 > button to proceed. step 3

Step 3

  1. Identify the non-teaching weeks for your course and select the purpose of these weeks from the drop down.
    CO_calendar_step 3

  2. Click the Step 4 > button to proceed. step 4

Step 4

This step allows you to add additional columns to your calendar, mandatory items are pre-selected can't be changed.

  1. Select the additional items (if any) that you want to include.
    Note: A flag will display if the item is not offered for the course as with the Tutorial selection below:

  2. Click Step 5 > to proceed. step 5

Step 5

This step allows you to add a description to each week in your calendar, as well as for any additional columns you've added. You can do the editing online by clicking on the edit icon for each week. 

You can also download this view as a spreadsheet and complete you're editing offline before uploading it again:

calendar step 5

Once you've finished editing the weekly description, click Step 6 > to continue. step 6

Step 6

This step is a preview of your calendar, you can confirm your changes or navigate back to previous steps to continue editing. Once you've clicked Confirm, the wizard will close and take you back to the completed course calendar table.

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