The Choice activity enables a coordinator to ask a single question and offer a selection of possible responses in a branching scenario. 

A Choice activity may be used:

  • As a quick poll to stimulate thinking about a topic
  • To quickly test students' understanding
  • To facilitate student decision-making, for example allowing students to vote on a direction for the course

Adding a Choice Activity:

  1. On the course homepage, Turn editing onediting on
  2. Click 'Add an activity or resource' in the section of your course where you want the Choice activity to be displayed.
    Add an activity or resource

  3. Select the Choice option from the activities list.
    Add an activity or resource_choice

  4. Click Add which is located at the bottom of the 'Add an activity or resource' box.
    Add an activity or resource

  5. Choice - General

    • Name the activity. number 1 grey
    • Provide a Description or purpose of this Choice. number 2 grey
    • If you click the checkbox, the description of this activity will display on your course homepage. number 3 grey
    • You can choose to display the options to students in a horizontal or vertical order. number 4 grey

  6. Choice - Options

    • Select if you want to allows the student's choice to be updated or not. number 1 grey
    • Select if you want more than one choice to be selected. number 2 grey
    • This option allows you to limit the number of students that can select each choice option. When the limit is reached then no-one else can select that option. If limits are disabled then any number of students can select each of the options.

      Note: if you use this activity in group mode, then the limit is per group. number 3 grey

    • This is where you specify the options that students choose from. You can fill in any number of these. If you leave some of the options blank, they will not be displayed. number 4 grey

  7. Choice - Availability 

    • If these options are selected, you can limit the time frame that responses are accepted. number 1 grey
    • If you click this checkbox, it will allow students to preview the options before the choice is opened for submission. number 2 grey

  8. Choice - Results

    • Select from the following options to release results to students; Do not publish results to students, Show results to students after they answer, Show results to students only after the choice is closed and Always show results to students. number 1 grey
    • If you choose to show results to students, this option allows you to select if you want the results to by anonymous or not.number 2 grey
    • If you choose to, this option will provide a column in the results for the student's who have not answered. number 3 grey
    • If you choose to, this option will filter out inactive or suspended students from the results. number 4 grey

  9. Other settings

    The other settings you can change on the Choices page are shown below:
  10. Click either Save and return to course Save and return to course or Save and display if you want to begin adding content. Save and display

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