1. On the course homepage, Turn editing onturn editing on
  2. Click 'Add an activity or resource' in the section of your course where you want the folder to be displayed.
    Add an activity or resource

  3. Select the Folder option from the resources list.
    Add folder.

  4. Click Add which is located at the bottom of the 'Add an activity or resource' box.
    Add an activity or resource

  5. Folder - General 

    • Name the Folder. number 1 grey
    • Add a Description if required in this section. number 2 grey
    • If enabled, the description above will be displayed on the course homepage. number 3 grey
      general settings: name_description

  6. Folder - Content

    • Drag and drop the files you want in the folder you're creating into this space. number 1 grey
    • If you check this option, the folder contents will be displayed on the course landing page and there will be no link to a separate page. number 2 grey
    • If you check this option, sub-folders are shown expanded by default; otherwise they are shown collapsed.  number 3 grey
    • If you check this option, a button will be displayed allowing the contents of the folder to be downloaded as a zip file. number 4 grey
      folder content settings

  7. Other settings

    The other settings you can change on the Folder page are shown below:
  8. Click either Save and return to course Save and return to course or Save and display if you want to preview the file. Save and display

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