Filter by Workflow State

Marking workflow states are used to indicate your progress on marking to other markers or to the course coordinator. When the coordinator wants to release the marks to students, they can filter the grades by the assignments whose marking workflow is set to 'Ready for release' or  'Marking Completed' depending on how your course is using the workflow state. The 'Ready for release' status is the last workflow state that a marker can set as only the coordinator can release the grades. To filter the student submissions by the marking workflow state:

  1. Select the assignment you want to change the marking workflow for.
  2. Click Filter and Quick Grading to expand the menu items.
    filter and quick grading drop down

  3. Select from the Workflow filter drop down which marking workflow state you would like to filter by. The page will refresh and the grades will be filtered.
    filter and quick grading_workflow filter

Last modified: Tuesday, 10 December 2019, 4:13 PM