Setup Phase - Edit Assessment Form

The criteria the students will assess and be peer assessed on are added via an assessment form during the setup phase. Students can view this assessment form in the submission phase and focus on what is important about the task when working on their own assignment. In the assessment phase, students will assess their peers’ work based on this assessment form. The assessment form is made up of multiple aspects as yours needs require.

Editing an Aspect

  • Enter the criterion details for aspect 1 in the Description text editor. number 1 grey
  • Select if you want the Aspect to be worth marks and enter the maximum mark possible. number 2 grey
  • Select the weighting for this particular aspect of the assessment form. Leave the weighting set to 1 for all aspects if they are all of equal importance. number 3 grey

workshop_setup phase

Once you have completed the above information for all aspects, you can continue by clicking Save and continue editing, Save and preview, Save and close or Cancel.

The Save and preview option will display the assessment form as students will see it when they peer assess.

workshop_saving options

Last modified: Wednesday, 27 November 2019, 9:55 AM