Core Questions

The University has determined that the following core course  and teacher questions will be asked in every myCourseExperience evaluation.

Course Questions

  1. Overall, I was satisfied with the quality of this course.
  2. I have a clear idea of what is expected of me in this course.
  3. The assessment items assisted my learning in this course.
  4. I have received feedback that is constructive and helpful.
  5. The learnonline course site resources were of a high quality.
  6. Overall, what are the strengths of this course?
  7. Are there any ways this course could be improved?

Teacher Questions

  1. Overall, I was satisfied with the performance of the staff member.
  2. The staff member supported my learning.
  3. The staff member helped me to understand key concepts of the course.
  4. The staff member helped to make the course interesting.
  5. What were the best aspects of this staff member’s teaching?
  6. How could this staff member improve their teaching?

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