Quiz Settings

Timing *

  • Enable and select dates to Open the quiz and Close the quiznumber 1 grey
    Note: If your quiz is summative, the Close the quiz date will auto populate if a specific date and time was put in the Course Outline - this can not be changed here. 
  • Enable and set a Time limit if required. number 2 grey
  • Select the appropriate option for When time expires for the quiz. number 3 grey The options are:
    • Open attempts are submitted automatically
    • There is grace period when open attempts can be submitted, but not more questions answered
    • Attempts must be submitted before the timer or they are not counted
  • If you are allowing a grace period in the previous option, enable and nominate a Submission grace periodnumber 4 grey



  • If you want, you can set a grade to pass. The value is used in activity and course completion, and in the gradebook, where pass grades are highlighted in green and fail grades in red. number 1 grey
  • Select how many Attempts allowed students can have for this quiz. number 2 grey
  • Choose the Grading method. number 3 grey 
    When multiple attempts are allowed, the following methods are available for calculating the final quiz grade:
    • Highest grade of all attempts
    • Average grade of all attempts
    • First attempt (all other attempts are ignored)
    • Last attempt (all other attempts are ignored


Layout *

  • Select where you want New page breaks to fall. number 1 grey
  • Select a Navigation method, the sequential option forces students to answer questions in order and not return to previous pages nor skip ahead. number 2 grey


Question behaviour *

  • At Shuffle within questions, choose if you want the multiple choice question or matched question options randomised. number 1 grey
  • Select How questions behave, see the Moodledoc for an explanation of the optionsnumber 2 grey
  • If you allowed multiple attempts, enable Each attempt builds on the last, if you want each new quiz attempt to contain the results of the previous attempt. This allows students several attempts to complete a quiz. number 3 grey 

Quiz_settings_question behaviour

Review Options

Choose what you want the student to be able to see when they view their attempt or report at various stages.

  • During the attempt settings are only relevant for some behaviours, like 'interactive with multiple tries', which may display feedback during the attempt.
  • Immediately after the attempt settings apply for the first two minutes after 'Submit all and finish' is clicked.
  • Later, while the quiz is still open settings apply after this, and before the quiz close date.
  • After the quiz is closed settings apply after the quiz close date has passed. If the quiz does not have a close date, this state is never reached.

quiz_settings_review options.jpg

Appearance *

  • If enabled, the student's name and picture will be shown on-screen during the attempt, and on the review screen, making it easier to check that the student is logged in as themselves in an invigilated exam. number 1 grey
  • This setting specifies the number of digits shown after the decimal point when displaying grades. number 2 grey
  • This setting specifies the number of digits shown after the decimal point when displaying the grades for individual questions. number 3 grey 
  • This setting allows you to enable regular blocks in your course to be displayed during the quiz. number 4 grey


Extra restrictions on attempts *

  • The Require password options allows you to add a password to the quiz that a student must enter in order to attempt the quiz. number 1 grey
  • Quiz access can be restricted to particular areas of UniSA's network by specifying list of IP address numbers. This can be useful for an invigilated quiz, to ensure that only people in a certain location can access the quiz. number 2 grey
  • If these options are enabled, students must wait for the specified time to elapse before being able to attempt the quiz again. number 3 grey 
  • The Browser Security options allows you to limit what a student can do within their browser whilst the test is running. number 4 grey

quiz_settings_Extra restrictions on attempts.jpg

Overall feedback

Overall feedback is text that is shown after a quiz has been attempted. By specifying additional grade boundaries (as a percentage or as a number), the text shown can depend on the grade obtained.

Other Settings

The other settings you can change on the quiz settings page are shown below:

Go to the Adding Questions to a Quiz resource to assist with adding content to the activity you have just created.

* These settings have extra options that have been made available for these resources. To display these extra settings, click the 'Show more...' link at the bottom of the settings: 

Quiz - show more settings

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