Glossary Settings - Entries

The default setting for the Entries settings are shown in the picture below.

  • If set to no, entries require approving by a teacher before they are viewable by everyone. number 1 grey
  • This setting specifies whether students can edit their entries or not. number 2 grey
  • If this option is enabled, multiple entries can have the same name. number 3 grey
  • If this option is enabled, students can comment on glossary entries. number 4 grey
  • This setting enables, the 'Add a new entry' to include the option to automatically link the entry wherever the concept words and phrases appear throughout the rest of the course. number 5 grey
    Note: This option relies on Glossary auto-linking to be enabled at the course level which can be done through Course Administration>Filters.


Last modified: Wednesday, 8 January 2020, 8:36 AM