Adding Questions to a Quiz

You can add questions to a quiz in three ways:

Individual Question Creation

After clicking Save and Display after creating your quiz, you will be presented with the following view which will allow you to add question individually.

  1. Click Edit quiz to begin adding questions.
    Quiz_edit quiz

  2. You will then see the following view:
    • Click the pencil icon if you want to name the header. number 1 grey
    • Otherwise click Add to decide what content you want to add. This example will use adding a new question. number 2 grey
      Quiz_editing quiz.jpg

  3. Choose the question type you want to add. There is an online overview of the question types. This example is using a Select missing wordsnumber 1 grey
  4. Click the Add button, located at the bottom of the box. number 2 grey
    Quiz_edit quiz_add question type

  5. Choose a Category for your question to belong to, it will create a default group if you don't make a different one. number 1 grey
  6. Type the Question namenumber 2 grey
  7. Type the text of the question. The missing words must be enclosed within double square brackets with a number, such as [[1]]. number 3 grey
  8. Change the Default mark if required. number 4 grey
  9. Provide General feedback if needed, this is shown to students after they have completed the question. You can use the general feedback to give students a fully worked answer and perhaps a link to more information they can use if they did not understand the questions. number 5 grey
    Quiz_Question settings_general

  10. Decide if you want the possible answers to be shuffled for each attempt. number 1 grey
  11. Enter as many possible Answers that you want. number 2 grey
  12. Assign it to a Group. The group designates the possible answers that will form the drop down. number 3 grey
    quiz_question settings_choices.

  13. Type feedback you wants students to receive for correct and partially correct answers. number 1 grey
  14. Click the checkbox if you want the number of correct responses to be shown at the end of the question. number 2 grey
  15. Type the feedback you want students to receive for incorrect answers. number 3 grey
    Quiz_Question settings_combined feedback

  16. When questions are run using the 'Interactive with multiple tries' or 'Adaptive mode' behaviour, the student will have several tries to get the question right, this option controls how much they are penalised for each incorrect try. number 1 grey
  17. If you want, add a hint or multiple hints to give students after an incorrect attempt. number 2 grey
  18. If you have entered a hint, you can choose to clear incorrect responses and show the number of correct responses. number 3 grey
    quiz_Question settings_multiple tries

  19. Add Tags to the question if you want.
  20. Click the Save changes button to return to the editing quiz page. 

Last modified: Wednesday, 8 January 2020, 9:59 AM