Feedback Questions

  1. Once you've created the feedback activity, you will be presented with the view below, click the 'Edit questions' tab to begin adding questions.
    Feedback_edit questions tab.png

  2. The following question types are available in the 'Add question' drop down:
    • Captcha: This option will add a test to your feedback to make sure a real person is filling in the activity and not an automatic spamming program of some sort. 
    • Information: This option allows you to display the course and/ or the category where the feedback is located.
    • Label: Similar to a standard label, this option allows you to add text between questions for extra explanation or to divide the Feedback into sections.
    • Longer Text Answer: This option allows you to create and specify a textbox and its size for students to write free text.
    • Multiple choice: there are three options in this choice
    • 1) Multiple choice single answer. This will give you a series of radio buttons, which starts on 'Not selected' and then has your options afterwards.
    • 2) Multiple choice - single answer allowed. This type will give you a drop down list from which only one answer can be selected.
    • 3) Multiple choice, multiple answers
    • Multiple choice (rated): This is similar to the other multiple choice option, except that each option has a numerical value associated with it. You have the choice of using radio buttons or a drop down list to display the answers.
    • Numeric answer: This option allows you to ask a question which must have a number as an answer and you can specify the acceptable range.
    • Short text answer: This question lets you ask a question with a single line response. 
  3. It is possible to direct students to specific questions depending on a previous answer. See the Moodle guide for Dependence item and Dependence value to learn how to do this.
  4. Once you've added all the questions you want at this level, your Feedback activity is ready. Come back to this page to see a breakdown of the responses you get from students.

Last modified: Tuesday, 10 December 2019, 4:32 PM