What is Panopto?

Panopto is the software application that underpins the UniSA Lecture Recording System (LRS). Panopto recordings will remain available for three years after publication.

Automated lecture recording

Panopto is installed in 38 lecture theatres and will automatically start recording scheduled lectures 10 minutes past the hour and stop recording on the hour. The lecture video is processed automatically and then published to the learnonline course sites. Students can access the video via the Lecture Recordings link in the Course Essentials block. Lecturers can edit the video once it is published if they wish to cut sections, add chapter heading, include captions or quizzes.

Panopto Recorder

UniSA staff can download the Panopto recorder for use on campus or at home. The recorder is used to create supplementary learning resources that can include:

  • presenter video and audio
  • PowerPoint
  • desktop capture
  • quizzes
  • inserted links
  • inserted YouTube video
  • captions

Panopto provides an easy way to created quality interactive media.

How do I access Panopto?

You can go to unisa.au.panopto.com and login using your UniSA staff username and password.

Alternatively, you access your Automated Lecture Recordings via the Lecture Recordings link on your course site.

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Last modified: Monday, 15 February 2021, 10:54 AM