Automated LRS recording

Panopto automatically records Medici scheduled lectures in LRS equipped theatres. All audio content and images processed through the data projector are recorded. Recordings are automatically scheduled to start recording 10 minutes past the hour and stop on the hour. The recording is then processed automatically and published to the learnonline course site. Students can view the recordings on any browser, subscribe to the lecture series via an RSS feed or download video and audio files for use on mobile device. Lectures are recorded at the discretion of the Course Coordinator who may decide to stop the automatic recording process and provide lecture content in other ways.

Lecture recordings are retained for 15 months only.

The LRS has been installed in the following 38 lecture theatres.

City West

City East

Mawson Lakes



Mt Gambier

BH2-09 BJ1-13 F1-24 B1-55 MB1-33 LC1-02
BH2-16 C3-16 F1-25 C1-60 MB1-34 RH1-05
H2-16 C4-16 GP1-08 C1-79
H6-12 H2-02 GP1-09 D1-20
HH3-08 P3-20 H1-42 H1-44
HH3-09 PM-06 MC1-02
HH4-08 MM1-05
HH5-08 P1-14
GK5-15 Q1-01
Y4-09 SCT2-37

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