Copyright, Privacy & Sensitive Content in Videos


The following University of South Australia Copyright notice will be inserted automatically while the lecture recording is processing.

Copyright University of South Australia. This recording may contain third party copyright material. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 no part of this recording may be reproduced or rebroadcast by any means or process without the prior written permission of the University of South Australia and the copyright owners.

Note: Copyright protected material cannot be included in the lecture recording and you must pause the recording while it is playing.

Further information on what can be recorded can be found in Recording and uploading lectures on the UniSA Copyright website.

Appropriate acknowledgement must be included in the recording if you have permission from the copyright owner to play the material.

Student Privacy

To ensure student privacy the lecture recording system is configured to avoid recording video or audio of students. If video or audio of students is recorded for specific pedagogic reasons, permission to use that video or audio must be obtained from each individual student recorded. Each student must complete the Talent Release form that can be downloaded from the following links.

  • Talent Release Form (for single student use)
  • Talent Release Form (for multiple student use)

Completed forms must be emailed by the video owner to the Library Copyright Office

Note: This policy applies to recordings made with the Lecture Recording System, Panopto Recorder and any other video or audio recording hardware and software.

Sensitive Content

In instances where recordings may contain potentially sensitive content you can opt to include a warning for viewers. A trigger warning is not intended to be censorship or topic avoidance. Trigger warnings are a simple way to respect other people’s boundaries and give them the opportunity to prepare for potentially distressing material.

There are a number of ways this can be addressed:

  • Mention the warning at the start of your lecture/recording. This covers both the students in the room and will be recorded for those watching the recording later
  • If you didn’t record the warning during the original lecture you can opt to add it into the recorded lecture after. This will require you to record a clip and insert the clip into your existing content.
  • You could opt to edit/cut that section of the recording.
  • You may want to also alter the Preview Image of your recording to show the trigger warning message.

Here are some examples of trigger warning messages that you can adapt to suit your situation.

Trigger Warnings.pptx (66 kb)

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