Upload Virtual Classroom (Adobe) Recordings

This guide will take you through how to:

Note: unlike other programs Adobe Connect requires you to playback the whole recording session to make an offline copy. Please keep this in mind and review all the instructions below and onscreen during the offline copy creation process.

Create an 'Offline Copy' of a Virtual Classroom Recording

  1. Log into the virtual classroom you want to access the recording of (or go directly to vcs.unisa.edu.au and locate the meeting - if you enter this way skip to step 3 after locating the meeting).
    Adobe Connect Login

  2. Click the Meeting drop down menu. 
  3. Select 'Manage Meeting Information'.
    virtual classroom recording

  4. From the Meeting Information window click Recordings.

  5. From the recording you want to download, click the Actions drop down.
  6. Select 'Make Offline'.
    adobe_actions_make offline

  7. On the Offline Recording screen, review the requirements for the playback and ensure your computer is set up appropriately, then click Next.
    adobe_offline recording

  8. Review the settings and alter if required. MP4 is the recommended format if you plan to upload to Panopto. Then click Proceed with Offline Recording
    adobe_proceed with offline recording

  9. Find the appropriate location to save your file, give it a name, and click Save.
    adobe_save locally

  10. The Virtual Classroom session will now playback in full while it makes the recording. You can not rush this process.
  11. Once complete you can review the file created. If you are happy with the video you can now upload it to Panopto.

Upload to Panopto

  1. Navigate to unisa.hosted.panopto.com and login using your staff credentials.
  2. Click the Create button.
  3. Select 'Upload Media' from the drop down menu.
    panopto_upload media

  4. From the upload media screen you can either drag and drop the files into the window or click and select the files from the list.
    panopto_upload content

  5. The files will upload. The time this takes will depend on the file sizes and your internet connection. Once you receive the "Upload Complete" message you can close the window. It will still take a bit more time for Panopto to finish processing the video.
    panopto_upload complete

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