View, Auto-create and Edit Captions

View captions

Captions may be included on Panopto videos at the discretion of the course coordinator. The following video provides an overview from a viewer perspective of how to:

  • view captions as a transcript
  • view captions as subtitles
  • change caption position
  • change caption colour
  • change caption size

Import & edit automatic captions

Prerequisite: Panopto is currently only available to staff.

Panopto automatically creates captions for lectures and videos made with the Panopto recorder.

The automatic captions are approximately 70% accurate and therefore need to be manually reviewed before adding to the video. The captions can be imported by the course coordinator who may wish to edit them to improve accuracy, prior to publication. If you require captions for accessibility reasons (i.e. have a student that has an Access Plan in place) please contact SEU for assistance with a transcription service. 

The following video provides an overview captions including how to:

  • import captions
  • edit captions
  • use keyboard commands
  • publish captions and edit.

Last modified: Tuesday, 15 September 2020, 9:46 AM