Panopto Webcasts

Panopto allows you to create a recording that can be viewed live from any location. The following video provides an overview the Panopto webcast function including how to:

  • create a webcast URL that can be publicised to viewers in advance of the recording
  • position the recording in your Panopto library
  • set sharing permissions
  • copy the webcast URL to share with participants 
  • add a thumbnail image to the webcast shell (for promotional purposes)
  • start the webcast

An online guide is also available on the Panopto Support Website that will show you how to start a webcast on-the-fly and set advanced features. There is also a guide on Creating a Webcast URL in Advance to step you through the process of creating link for your Webcast that can be sent out before your session commences.

Schedule a webcast in a LRS room

Webcasts can be scheduled for any lecture theatre that is configured for LRS recordings.

To webcast an existing scheduled lecture please contact the IT Help Desk with details of the scheduled recording and request that it be enabled for webcast. They will then provide the URL address to be shared with your audience.

Manually Scheduled Webcasts

If you wish to run a webcast from a LRS enabled room that is NOT a scheduled lecture you will need to request a manual recording from the IT Help Desk.

Note: Manually scheduled recordings are subject to room availability.

Email the IT Help Desk at and include the details below:

If related to a course, include with your booking:

  • Staff name
  • Course name, subject area & catalogue number
  • Class number
  • Date / Time /duration and any recurrence pattern
  • Webcast URL requested

The recording will be linked to the specified course site folder.

If not related to a course, include with your booking:

  • Staff name
  • Org2 code
  • Date / time / duration and any recurrence pattern
  • Webcast URL requested
  • The Access Requirements of your recording: Anyone at your organisation, Anyone with the link (UniSA login required), or Anyone with the link (public)

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