Useful Information

Q - How long will Panopto Lecture Recordings remain available?
A - Panopto lecture recordings will remain available for three years after publication. They will then be archived.

Q - Do I have to record my lectures?
A - It is not compulsory however, students feedback indicates that they value and appreciate being able to access lectures online. If you don't want to record lectures, simply press the pause button/light on the lecture theatre lectern.

Q - Who owns the Intellectual Property to lecture recordings?
A- The University owns the IP to all teaching material, including lecture and other UniSA Panopto recordings.

Q - What if my lecture recording appears on the Internet?
A - You can request the removal of unauthorised recordings. A copyright statement is attached to all UniSA lecture recordings advising the copyright owner. Anyone wanting to reproduce UniSA material are directed to the University’s Copyright Services who handle permissions.

Q - What if I am using material in my lecture for which I do not have the copyright?
A - This depends on the kind and source of the material. Generally, the use of text and images is permitted provided they are appropriately acknowledged. Consult the Guidelines for recording and uploading lectures for UniSA students for clarification.

Q - Who can view lecture recordings?
A - All UniSA students and staff can view all lecture recordings. Students can access course lecture recordings via their learnonline course site and all lecture recordings via Panopto.
Note: A Dean of Programs request to the Help Desk is required to limit lecture recording viewing to specific course groups.

Q - How do students know that lectures are being recorded?
A - Notices are displayed in all LRS equipped theatres. A light on the lecture indicates that recording is in progress.

Q - What if an inappropriate comment is recorded?
A - Inappropriate comments can be removed using the cut video function in the Panopto editor.

Q - Are lecture recordings automatically published?
A - Recordings will automatically publish to the course site when processing is finished.

Q - Are presenters notified when the lecture recording is published?
A - Presenters can opt-in to receive email confirmation when the lecture has published. Instructions are available in Set up email notification.

Q - Can I share my video with someone external to the University (e.g. guest presenter)?
A - Yes, you can - see the Share Videos & Folders help guide.

Last modified: Wednesday, 3 June 2020, 11:14 AM