Breakout Rooms in Zoom

Overview and Requirements

Breakout Rooms allow you to split your Zoom session into up to 50 separate sessions.


  • To assign participants to rooms you must be a host rather than participant, alternate-host or co-host
  • Participants must be using the Zoom Desktop App to enter a breakout room.
    • If using the browser, they can leave mid-session and rejoin via the App.
  • Participants must be signed in with a UniSA email account.
    • They can leave and rejoin a meeting if they are not signed in or using another account.

The host can:

  • create separate sessions automatically or manually 
  • can switch between sessions at any time
  • can send a message to all rooms at once
  • Groups can be assigned in settings prior to or during the session

Add Breakout Rooms to your Account

The host's settings must be updated before creating a breakout room in a session.

  1. Go to the UniSA Zoom Portal. Open Profile > Settings.
  2. There’s a menu with Schedule meeting, In Meeting (basic) etc – select In Meeting (Advanced)
  3. Under the first setting called Breakout room make sure the feature Allow host to assign participants to breakout rooms when scheduling is ticked

Locate in meeting advanced screenshot

Add Breakout Rooms to a Zoom Meeting

  1. Then return to the very top left menu (shown below) and select Meetings.
  2. Choose a meeting and scroll down to the Edit this Meeting button
  3. See if the Pre-assign participants to break-out rooms is now enabled.

This video walks through the process of creating Breakout Rooms.

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 April 2020, 4:06 PM