Record in Zoom

Record a Zoom Session with Zoom

This is the quickest and simplest way to record a session and is to use the Zoom record tool. If you need to capture chat and other interactive elements, record with Panopto. By default participants and students can see the record button but can only record if the host has allowed this in the settings. The course coordinator can make videos available Panopto

There are two saving options when recording with Zoom, record to the cloud is default. Record to your Computer or to the cloud.  UniSA currently keeps Zoom cloud recordings through cloudstor AARNet, if you log in to cloudstor directly at you can access your Zoom recordings there.

Record to your Computer

  1. When your Zoom session has started, click record. number 1 grey
  2. Choose to Record to this computer  number 2 grey

  3. During the session. You can pause the recording with the Pause button (Alt+ P) Warning: stopping will lose all prior recordings from the session.                                                                                                                                                                         
  4. After the meeting is concluded, Zoom will process the video and will display the location of the video on your computer when it's finished processing.

Record to the Cloud

  1. When your Zoom session has started, click record.  Warning: When recording to the cloud, stopping or pausing will lose all prior recordings from the session. number 1 grey
  2. Choose to record to the Cloud  number 2 grey
  3. To ensure the video is saved correctly, click Leave Meeting or End Meeting and follow the prompts to End the Meeting for All Participants.
  4. The host will receive an email when it has completed.  The host will receive an email from Zoom when a new recording is available to view or share.
  5. Log in to cloudstor directly at you can access your Zoom recordings there.


  • If someone else scheduled the meeting on your behalf and you can not locate your recording, it could be that it is attached to their account. This happens when you are the co-host or alternative-host and you have saved to cloud rather than your computer. They can send you a link.
  • Zoom recordings are available in cloudstor for a limited period of time, so we recommend moving the recording to a different location if you wish to retain a copy.


Record a Zoom Session with Panopto

The built-in Zoom recorder only what is captured in the screen. It does not record the chat and polls pop-up. Panopto has options for recording multiple streams at the same time. It can capture webcam, PowerPoint and screens. It can also be used to simply capture one screen with all the zoom elements arranged so that they are all within the capture area but not overlapping.

  1. Download and open the Panopto Desktop Recorder and sign in.
  2. Open the Zoom Desktop App  Zoom Meeting. This can be done prior to participants joining.
  3. Select the Audio input you are using from the drop-down menu. Then, also select Capture Computer Audio.
  4. Select at least one screen to be captured. 
  5. Open the Zoom features you plan to use. Arrange the pop-ups so they can be viewed within the are to be recorded. Hint: Enable screen capture preview.
  6. Press Record in Panopto.

Record Zoom with Panopto

This example has the website shared on the left and the chat pop-up on the right.

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See the guides for editing a video with Panopto user-friendly tools. Use this tool to remove the start and end of a session, remove interruptions or select clips of feedback to share with specific students.

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