Workshop: Writing assignments

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Watch the video (2 minutes, 26 seconds)

Key points from the video:
  • Writing an essay involves taking a position on an issue and defending it using academic support.
  • It is not a linear process - there will be planning, drafting, extra reading, redrafting and editing.
  • Essays usually have an introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion and a reference list.
  • The introduction usually contains background information about the topic, your position and a preview of how your ideas will be organised.
  • Each paragraph has a topic sentence to introduce the focus, supporting sentences with evidence and examples and a concluding sentence to sum up the paragraph or connect it to the next one.
  • The conclusion summarises the main points of your essay and restates your position.
  • The reference list is at the end of your essay and is a list of all the sources you used in-text (in the body of your writing) to support your argument.

Think about your own assignment topic and make an initial plan 

Useful resources for thinking about the topic

Plan your search for readings

Useful resources for planning your search

Develop your paragraphs

Useful resources for writing your paragraphs

Refer to an essay writing checklist

Download the checklist

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